BAPTIZE: the retreat

 Refresh & renew your soul under the super harvest full moon of September 2024! With a guided virtual retreat, you will be led to a body of water near you for a ritual of self-baptism.

Encounter the wisdom of early-christian sacred-feminine practice of Self-Baptism.

First on Friday September 13, 2024 we gather from 5pm-6pm EST for a Ceremony & Ancient Story Telling about the sacred and lost art of Self-Baptism 

Then, over the days of Sept 13-17th I will give you instructions to do a self-guided Full Moon Ritual of Self Baptism

On Saturday September 14, 2024 11am- 12pm EST, I will share teaching on the Sacrament & Ritual of Baptism

September 17th Closing Full Moon Ritual and Integration of the wisdom you learned from water

Location: ZOOM & a body of water near you

Say no more, I am ready to renew my soul!

early bird price $370 until May 10


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 embodied spiritual guide

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 BAPTIZE: the retreat

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1.Opening Virtual Ceremony & Ancient Story Telling Friday September 13, 2024 from 5-6pm EST ZOOM


2. Self-guided

Self-Baptism/ Water Blessing

Anytime over the weekend of Sept. 13th-17th in-person with a body of water near you!


3. Saturday September 14th 11am EST, Teaching on the Ritual of Baptism, ZOOM


4. Integration & Full Moon Closing Ceremony September 18th 7-8pm EST, ZOOM 


over ZOOM & with a body of water near you


early bird price of $370 until May 10!

If finances are a barrier for you, please reach out to me. I want everyone to have access to this work who desires to be there.

Join me to learn the radical and lost art of self-baptism. You will be guided to explore the wild waters near you.

First we begin with an Opening  Ceremony on Friday Sept 13th where we will hear the ancient and empowering story of Thecla, the girl who Baptized herself.

I will give you a ritual script to perform your own Self-Baptism over the next few days on your own time.

On Saturday Sept 14th I will teach on the Ritual of Baptism 

Sunday night we will have a Closing Ceremony for integration

Full Moons help us feel the power of the waters and tune in to our inner wisdom and knowing. Eclipses hold the power of baptism, of death and rebirth. The sacrament of baptism is closely guarded by the church, but I believe it can become a ritual of empowerment used at anytime and place.


I will guide you into stillness, to listen for what dreams through you.

Each of us has a sacred call in life, and it changes season to season.

Who do you want to be in this season? How do you want to live differently? What do you truly desire? What kind of life are we ready to create? What is your soul calling you to?


Come to be held and supported by me with a circle of like-minded others to call in the version of yourself that is most empowered and connected and supported.

Come to be refreshed and nourished by divine love and by the waters. 


You will be guided in embodied meditation & invited into a ritual of healing and death and rebirth of baptism.


You will learn about the ancient practice of self-baptism, a ritual of empowerment and protection to connect to God anytime and anyplace.



You will experience fresh ways to approach this ancient ritual of renewal and access the power of God in water.


You will invite your soul to speak and learn tools to listen to the flow of God in your life.  


You will be invited to create sanctuary in your own home & set aside time to nourish your soul and your connection to source.


You will connect to a community of like-minded others, longing for life to drip with beauty and meaning.


You will be invited to learn about your local water-shed and a water source near you, and love God through loving the earth.

You will come away convicted of your own belovedness and empowered to step bravely into a new soul-sourced vision for your life.


The ancient art of self-baptism is a sacred-feminine practice, and by that I mean a practice that is honoring the body, the earth, and the innate sacred autonomy of each being. You need not identify as femme or a woman to attend. All people are welcome to this retreat in the fullness and beauty of your sexual orientation and gender identity. While this retreat will blend pagan and animist earth honoring traditions with early Christian spiritual practice, people of all spiritual practices are welcome. A warm and radical welcome to you, who ever you are and wherever you are on life's journey. We will draw on Christian themes and ancient texts in the Christian tradition that will come alive in new ways


$370 early bird sign me up for BAPTIZE the retreat!