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May 1st 2024  5pm

Beltane, half-way between Spring and Summer

-Celebrate birth and renewal on this mid-spring day!

-Come to be renewed in your body and spirit as the earth renews and brings forth new life

- We gather at 5pm

Flicker Wild Nature Church Pop-up 


-Bring your own chair or blanket to sit on during our wild church circle around the fire

  Where: the Pop's Knoll parking lot of Donald County Park, Wisconsin.

This location is about 25 minutes from the west side of Madison and gets you into the rolling hills and deep time and beauty of the Driftless Region of Wisconsin.


What is Flicker?

So glad you asked :)

Flicker Pop-up Wild Church is a playful, poetic, and emergent community, seeking to model our way of being after the ways of life and nature. 

The Northern Flicker is the namesake bird of a place of spiritual pilgrimage for your host pastors, Madeline Island, Wisconsin, originally in Ojibwe, Mooniingwanekaaning, meaning at the place of the yellow feathered Northern Flicker woodpecker. This is a migratory bird, who pops up in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Similarly, we seek pilgrimage, beauty, liminality and finding community in a transitory world in a deeply local way. 

We hope to pop-up & for you to pop-in and for us to have a sacred encounter.

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here. 🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ 

Seeking to center ourselves first with Earth honoring Spirituality, we also draw inspiration from many spiritual traditions, including the Jesus path of practicing spiritual wisdom and offering transformative encounters of justice, awareness and healing. 

We are about celebrating the momentary gifts of the seasons, holding space for transformative encounters, sharing sacred moments, and following life-honoring patterns of being and becoming. 

We worship not in, but WITH the more-than-human world. 

Like a moth to the flame, so too our spirits are drawn to you, oh Love, the light within each light, the soul within each soul, the deep within each depth.

Donations to Flicker are deeply valued and appreciated. We will use donations in a variety of ways: to join the Wild Church Network, to reimburse for material needs to host, such as fire pit, park permit, speaker, as well as compensate hosts for time and energy used to create Flicker. 

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About your hosts

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Flicker is hosted by the Rev. Dr. Julia Burkey & her spouse the Rev. Daniel Cooperrider, though their toddler Reverie is the true spiritual leader.

Both Daniel & Julia are ordained UCC pastors who seek to awaken an ancient Earth honoring spirituality for planetary re-membering and healing through sacred gatherings, while dancing on the edges of the Jesus way.

Daniel is Author of 2023 Nautilus Gold Award winning book, "Speak with the Earth And It Will Teach You: A Field Guide to the Bible," and Julia serves as the Senior Pastor of Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ in Madison, Wisconsin.