Some suggested Flicker contributions: $3 Spark, $13 Candle, $33 Oil lamp, $53 Campfire, $113 Moonlight, $333 Sunshine, $1333 Milky Way, $3333 Big Bang


Flicker Pop-Up Wild Church

Thank you so much for your donation to help launch Flicker, A Pop-Up Wild Church!

We will use donations to reimburse cost of hosting such as park permit, fire pit, speaker and microphone.

Out of the overflow we will use the funds to build and launch Flicker as a new church start, including building a website, creating a sense of community, and also through compensating our hosts for their time and energy for hosting Flicker, to make these pop-ups a sustainable enterprise. 

We have big dreams for Flicker, to first host in-person Wild Church gatherings on the sacred earth in-person, and to eventually host virtual gatherings accessible to more people, through courses, ceremonies and retreats. Your donation would help make these sacred offerings possible.

Donate to Flicker

  • $3 to be a Spark
  • $13 to be a Candle
  • $33 to be an Oil Lamp
  • $53 to be a Campfire
  • $113 to be the Moon Light
  • $333 to be our Sunshine
  • $1333 to be the Milky Way
  • $3333 to be the Big Bang

Flicker Wild Church is a playful, poetic, and emergent community, seeking to model our way of being after the ways of life and nature. 

There is an urgent need for humans to listen to and take guidance from the more-than-human world. We seek planetary healing through Earth based spirituality, dancing the edges of the Christ path. 

We hope to pop-up & for you to pop-in and for us to have a sacred encounter.

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here. 🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ 

We are about celebrating the momentary gifts of the seasons, holding space for transformative encounters, sharing sacred moments, and following life-honoring patterns of being and becoming. 

We worship not in, but WITH the more-than-human world. Flicker is Open and Affirming, queer & ally & queering church.